Here are some design samples created by our amazing team (as seen in the picture / our Creative Director “T“, Art Director “ANN“, Copy Writer “E” and the infamous Agency-Bird “R” our Customer-Relations Manager.


Does it shound like April Fools’Day? Well maybe you’re correct. In reality, there was never a Team, just me, the One-Man Show.
Let me share the story behind it. I was struggling to determine what content I should include on this particular page without making it too similar to thousands of others. That’s when I had the idea to come up with the aforementioned story. It allowed me to showcase a picture I once hastily sketched during a tediously long and unexciting video meeting with an agency.

But let’s not get caught up in all the details. Instead, take a moment to explore some of the samples I’ve crafted throughout the years.


*The preceding text is a satirical piece and does not reflect the existence of a team. Additionally, please note that this website is solely intended to serve as an archive showcasing my past design and photography work. It does not offer any services.